Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas (or whatever you choose to celebrate)

Life intervenes, as they say, and I have found it too hard to post on this blog as often as I originally intended.  I have completed the first year of my Visual Arts degree, and been pretty happy with the results.  In 2012, I'll be taking the Photography strand as well as picking up 1 or 2 art papers, depending on the timetable.  I'm in my new home, and working to make this as comfortable as I can.

Christmas for me is a time for being with family, and also a time for reflection.  I like to think back on the year (rather than wait till New Year) and think about what I've achieved or haven't got done, and what I want for the coming year.  Even though I'm not religious, I love Christmas, not for the crass commercialism and pressure to buy buy buy, but for the genuinely kind and selfless moments that you find, when "goodwill to all men" actually happens.  Of course, there's always tragedy and hardship and sorrow - that's part of being human, unfortunately.  However,   the decorations and lights and trees give pleasure to children (and adults), as do even small gifts.

I have friends who are deeply religious, and others who are committed atheists.  I fall somewhere in between.  Who do you thank when things go right in your life?