Sunday, July 24, 2011

Technogeek or technophobe?

I have been remiss in posting to this blog, but my studies tend to absorb a lot of time and energy.  My plan of posting weekly was rather ambitious, so if I post monthly now, I'm happy.  Today's topic is technology.  Love it or hate it, you can't get away from it.

So are you a reluctant user?  Or do you embrace new devices with glee?  I have to confess that I'm the latter.

This sets me slightly apart from many women my age - mid-50s.  I have one dear friend who has never used a computer, though she will use text from time to time.  Another old friend emails me, but does little else on her computer, even though her sons have left home (the reason she claimed she couldn't get near the computer before).

For me, it goes back to change (see earlier post) - I find the new technologies exciting, and I love change when I'm driving it - in this case, taking it on board before I'm forced to do so.  I haven't tried to explain to my mother yet that she'll have to go digital with her TV by the end of next year - it's hard enough to get Mum using a cordless phone.  However, she can use her video recorder (she hasn't discovered DVDs yet) so that's fine for an 80 year old.

What about you?  How do you feel about smartphones, TVs that act like computers, tablets and so on?


  1. I'm rather on the geek side. Writing from my Ipad right now (in fact going nowhere without it). However, i don't have tbe need to have the latest item, with the newest processor, just what makes my life easier or more fun for an affordable price.

  2. I have always loved my PC - using it a lot for work at first, then discovered various paint/design programs and have been playing for years since!!. Even being given a new laptop in June for my 51 birthday was really exciting as it means I can now transport my stuff. I can email or read blogs at 5 in the morning whilst in bed! its brill! It has only taken me a few days to work out the differences between my old versions of things like windows xp on my old pc to windows 7 on the new lap top. And have connected a wireless printer too so it is even more fun. The only problems right now are finding a new designing programme - my old PC had paintshop pro 7 and I am unsure of the new versions they look really scary and the other problem is stopping myself from being on this machine too long!! I need to remember there is more real life out there rather than the virtual on here. Not saying I don't enjoy these conversations because i do it's just I spend too much time with other surfing when i should be living life!!

  3. Oh forgot to say I don't have a smart phone just a simple pay as you go Nokia with a camera, really for emergency contact whilst out of the house. I don't understand young people who are constantly txting or on facebook via a phone - i would rather talk to or see my friends in the flesh.

  4. I confess to being a minor geek but not to a need for the latest/quickest/shiniest just what works for me and makes life easier. I couldn't be without a mobile phone as DD is a text addict and that's how I communicate with her. My phone takes photos but I prefer to use a camera. I lust after an Apple in some form or other, probably a MacBook Pro but I stroke the Air lovingly whenever I go in the Apple Store. I'm sensible enough to know I must wait for my PC to break before I invest again. I do feel bereft when I can't get internet access or I'm without my laptop but I do cope.

  5. Hi Shirley

    I think I'm a luddite re new techy gadgets, but it does pass, and when faced with a new learning challenge I find it fun.

    Dare I admit that reading the associated manuals is enjoyable too - if they're on paper!

    I enjoy the new stuff better though, when it's inconspicuous.



  6. I have a love/hate relationship with technology. I think my main irritation is with how quickly it becomes "obsolete" although it really isn't, and how quickly new software and products are rushed to market before all the bugs are out. It takes me a really long time to warm up to the really new stuff. Am just now thinking positive thoughts about a laptop, then suddenly the tablets are getting my attention. Still think the whole smartphone thing unnecessary or perhaps even a bit dangerous. And the "cloud"? No thanks - I'm very uncomfortable with the thought of everything being stored "out there" rather than right here on my own hard drive. But I suppose with time, I'll be won over. I think it may be partly my forever tendency to run the other way when everyone insists I just MUST have or see this or that. Never been much of a bandwagon person. Do my research, ponder long and hard, consider the budget, procrastinate, and if warranted, finally leap!

  7. I was trained as a shorthand typist - wow, that dates me! saw the writing on the wall and in 1980 went to Weltec and took a computer course when everything was Dos. I didn't really fall in love though until I got my first iMac; I now have a desk top computer, and a laptop bought for when I used to travel and sell,and I set up a wireless network at home so I can use the laptop in my sewing room. I got one of the earlier iPhones when my old Nokia failed, my family bought me an iPad for Christmas and I recently put a Jabra in my car to play the music on my phone and to serve as a Hands Free and I was also given a GPS gizmo for my car.
    And yes, I have a digital camera and my two tv sets are digital, but not Sky, I have mastered the new recordable dvd player so I watch programmes when I want to - and I enjoy hiring tv programme sets to watch when I am sewing - When the Boat Comes in is the current favourite.
    Each to their own of course, I enjoy the technology that I have and it's a pleasure to use.